15 min Consultation (if requested) – Free

Undergoing Implant treatment is a large commitment for most patients, both in time, and cost. Patients can be seen on an informal basis to have a chat and explain what implant treatment involves, and the benefits it can provide.

Please call reception and ask for a free 15 minute consultation about Implants. Appointments are available at
Wood Street in Swindon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and Lechlade on Thursdays

£95 - 140 for a full assessment, that includes:

Consultation with Specialist Oral Surgeon, Prosthodontist, and Periodontist for more complex cases
All radiographs
All treatment options discussed

Well maintained implants have the possibility of lasting decades.
Straumann SLA Implant £1400
Crown with Titanium/Gold abutment £ 900
Guided Bone regeneration from£ 350
Internal Sinus Lift £ 350
Block Bone graftingfrom£ 600
External Sinus Liftfrom £ 1200
Intra-venous sedationfrom £ 130

If you have more than one Implant, the average cost is reduced.

A single tooth implant is around £2300 and with an interest free option, payment can be spread over 10 months.

Why choose to have treatment with Peter Yesudian?
  • General Dental Council registered UK specialist
  • Locally established surgeon since 2001
  • Competitive UK prices
  • Written treatment plan with all costs given
  • Emergency appointments always available
  • Local aftercare and maintenance from same surgeon